WWE Royalty

There are very few among the dozens upon dozens of different professional wrestlers throughout the years who can be considered WWE Royalty. Those who do claim the royal status are those who embody their persona’s and make it into a house hold name. The king amongst the royalty is Hulk Hogan. almost everyone across Northern America has heard of his name and today through his sons Twitter feed it was announced that Mr. Hogan has taken on a new student. This new student is none other than Riff Raff the Rapper, a friend who is known to hang out with the Nick Hogan.


Along with the tweet a short video was released that showcased Hulk Hogan, Nick Hogan dressed up as a character and Riff Raff. Hulk explained what he was doing and that he hopes to train Riff Raff into a professional wrestler, one of such skill that he could embody the likes of himself. Hulk Hogan also revealed that he hopes that this new student will be in the WWE Ring within the next two years. Unfortunately we don’t have a specific date as to when Riff Raff the Rapper would be entering the WWE Ring for the first time. None the less if he can embody the likes of Hulk Hogan, he will become a formidable wrestler who won’t be able to be taken on by the likes of any wrestler except for John Cena.

We shall keep you posted on all new information announced or leaked regarding the future of Riff Raff the Rapper.