WWE Mobile Application

The WWE is an over glorified sport which has no actual means of physical effort. Those who weigh more than five hundred pounds can be a professional wrestler in the WWE or someone who weighs under one hundred pounds can be a professional wrestler. This isn’t true wrestling either as there is no contact that could be physically harmful occurring on the stage. It’s this that has lead the WWE to becoming a low rated “Sport” that doesn’t have the popularity it once did and this is resulting in the WWE Mobile Application shutting down. Today the WWE revealed that their shutting down their mobile app as it hasn’t gained the downloads they once thought it would.


There are still a core group of fans of the WWE, millions of Northern Americans still love this sport. The WWE Network, which was only released earlier on this year has already seen one million subscriptions. The WWE also revealed in their announcement that they will be designing a new mobile application which will resemble the network and allow for people to view wrestling matches from the past or present on their mobile devices. This new app is going to be more fluent and it won’t have any advertisements on it as well. This’ll allow for people to have a fun and enjoyable experience while using this future new WWE app.

We shall keep you posted on when the release date for this new WWE Network Mobile App is revealed. You can no longer download the previous application, it’s been removed from all mobile markets.