WWE Making Charitable Donations

The WWE is continuing to showcase that their willing to do what it takes to help their fellow man. Instead of just being a form of fighting entertainment such as the UFC, the WWE is trying to become something more so that they can bring in a wider audience. This decision to offer charitable donations to a variety of charities is ultimately due to the fact that the WWE has been losing their popularity since they released the WWE Network. None the less this’ll still bring good to many people in need of some happiness.


This also doesn’t mean that the WWE hasn’t been charitable before as many of their wrestlers such as John Cena, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk, Edge and dozens of others have spent their personal time helping with the Children’s Wish Foundation & a variety of other charities. This is so much the case that John Cena has become nominated for the “Sports Humanitarian of the Year” award. An award that he’ll surely be a top contender for out of the five nominated.

John Cena is by far the most heroic out of all of his fellow WWE stars as he takes the majority of his free time outside of wrestling or his family in order to help those who wish to meet him. He’s taken children on young trips and more. One of the charities that’ll be receiving one of these large charitable donations is the Children’s Wish Foundation. We will keep you posted on if John Cena wins this award.