WWE Being Sued

During the early seventies and early 2000’s the WWE was one of the most brutal sports you could watch on Television. World renowned wrestlers would fight to nearly the death and be bleeding from their heads to toes in order to excite their fans. Unfortunately in the process of this direct blood contact would happen nearly every match which resulted in multiple professional wrestlers from that time period being effected with various diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Billy Jack Haynes

The most recent professional wrestler to come out about his disease through the WWE is Billy Jack Haynes. The former professional WWR Wrestler revealed that he will be suing the WWE due to the fact that between his career in 1986 – 1989. Doctors also confirmed that he indeed contract his disease during that time period in June of 1987. Mr. Haynes wasn’t fired from the WWE but instead left on his own terms due to feeling weak from his sickness.

It has taken more than two decades but finally Billy Jack Haynes lawsuit will be going to the courts. As of right now he is asking for five million dollars due to the years & years of suffering he has had to go through. He also is asking for that money due to the medical costs he has had to pay throughout the years due to his disease.

We will keep you informed on how his trail goes in federal court. We all hope that Mr. Haynes gets what he wants as the WWE didn’t practice safe protocols at that time period.