Wrestling Hygiene is Essential for Healthy Wrestlers

Wrestling is clearly a contact sport. When you are playing a contact sport a lot of things can come into play and one of those things are your health/hygiene. When wrestlers are in contact with one another they can pass on different infections, sicknesses or a whole bunch of other things. We have written this article to give you some tips and tricks on how you can avoid these issues on the mat. If you don’t try to keep up your hygiene you will find yourself not landing a date, being sick often and eventually have a whole set of issues you never wanted.

Everything that can happen within the mat can be avoided. You can avoid common skin infections, you will be able to avoid blood infections and all kinds of different things. The first thing you will need to do is take a shower before your match and directly right after your match. This will keep your squeaky clean and it will allow for any infections to be washed off of your body in a matter of seconds. When you get home after the match it is recommend that you once again take another shower to just double ensure yourself that no infections can enter your body.

What to watch for:

If the wrestler you are fighting shows any signs of a skin infection or being sick then you should inform your wrestling coach immediately. You will find that the wrestling coach will become very aggravated and will start letting off. What we mean by this is that he will demand that the referee take the other wrestler out of the game. This is to ensure that his wrestler stays safe and healthy.

Keep the mat clean:

When it comes time to practicing or a match even if you have to do it by yourself you should clean the mat. The reason for this is because for the last five odd minutes there has been two men sweating on that mat, this is extremely gross and can make you get a whole bunch of different issue’s for yourself which you clearly will not want for yourself. This will also show the other wrestlers within the tournament the proper edict of how to wrestle. It is a common courtesy that every single wrestler should hold up to and when they do it will make the experience everyone has that much better.


We hope that this article has shown you how to remain healthy and hygienic when it comes to wrestling. It is the whole reason as to why we have created this article, we want to help improve the experience everyone has while they are wrestling as a whole. The reason for this is because if everyone comes together to do help how we keep the mats clean, if the wrestlers keep themselves clean then finally everyone will be able to truly enjoy wrestling for everything it has to offer. No one want to sit and watch wrestling if everything to deal with the tournament smells bad. So keep yourself healthy and hygienic with our special little tips.