TNA Wrestling Going International!

TNA Wrestling announced earlier on this week that their going international with their programing. This has come as a major surprise to the few fans of the program as TNA Wrestling mainly consists of older wrestlers who have retired from the WWE, their skills and performance are lacking to say the least. It seems that in order to have TNA survive for future years their taking their programing across seas.

TNA Wrestling

This announcement though a major surprise shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone as wrestling as a whole has begun to become less popular throughout the years. Other fighting sports such as UFC has begun to take over the WWE and all other wrestling leagues on television. Just recently the WWE has been making major efforts to bring guest stars such as The Rock or Stephen Amell in order to gain more viewers for Monday Night Raw or SmackDown!
A representative from TNA made a short statement saying, “We’re thrilled to be entering the international market where wrestling is still beloved by millions. We plan on bringing in some favorite wrestlers in order to appeal to our new regions.”

There is no word if this will allow for TNA Wrestling to remain alive in the upcoming years. This desperate move could result in this wrestling league to see its demise. Hulk Hogan and many other wrestlers have stated that they hope that TNA Wrestling is able to survive this struggle. We shall update you on whatever happens with this old school wrestling league.