Those behind the sport must do better at promoting the sport

Wrestling truly needs a makeover as a whole. The sport of wrestling is by far one of those sports that will take everything out of you physically, mentally, emotionally and so much more. In the long run the sport does give you a good character, great work ethic, integrity and so much more. This is one of the oldest sports known to man and we should embrace what the sport is truly about. Everyone just presumes that wrestling is only like Raw and Smack down, that everything about wrestling is fake. These people are more than just wrong. Those famous wrestlers make wrestling as a sport look pathetic, weak and fake in every single way. Real wrestling requires a mind so strong it cannot be broken and it requires someone who is willing to put themselves through just about anything to become strong.

If you went up to some average person on the streets and ask them to watch this wrestling match all they would be able to tell you is that two people are on the ground wrestling. This stranger wouldn’t be able to tell you how the points were scored or how the periods ended. These strangers would never be able to tell you the difference between Greco and freestyle wrestling, this is because people just presume wrestling is two men fighting one another with zero skill.

These people are once again extremely wrong. People train their whole lives to master the art of wrestling and train their bodies to become walking armies. If you put someone who has some martial arts training and then someone who has some wrestling training I can ensure you that the wrestler would be able to take the martial arts fighter to the ground in three moves max. Wrestling is about take downs, getting your opponent to the ground so you can lay serious damage. Martial arts is just about punching and kicking, so in the long run I personally would rather be able to take someone down fast instead of having to punch or kick someone multiple times to get them down.

The promoters behind wrestling need to start grabbing the attention of other people around the world. They need to start focusing on the extreme discipline of wrestling, rather it be physical, mental or emotional. If the promoters can focus on the true essence of what wrestling really is then they will see a massive growth in popularity in a very short period of time. The reason for this is because everyone loves a sport that requires so much out of the human body and human spirit. It brings true excitement to the viewers and if the promoters can cash in on these crucial parts of wrestling then they will be able to once again make wrestling the most popular sport within the world.

What to do as a promoter:

If you are a promoter then we recommend that you take our advice. Start focusing on the strength of wrestling mentally and physically. If you have to even show the emotional side of wrestling. This will make the sport more relatable and enjoyable.