The Rock Returning To WWE Again

You have to give “The Rock” or Dwayne Johnson a lot of credit for all the effort he puts in as an actor. On top of that he stays loyal to his original roots and what gave him his career as an actor. Still to this day The Rock embraces the WWE and supports it with all of his heart. During 2012 he returned for a couple of weeks taking on John Cena and various other wrestlers in his campaign to make the WWE great again. Once again Mr. Johnson has said that he will be returning to the ring in order to purify the WWE of their evils.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock won’t have to worry about CM Punk anymore has his contract with the WWE has expired and they have yet to contract him for renewal. This proves as a major highlight for fans of Dwayne Johnson as CM Punk was trying to destroy the WWE before he was forced to quit once his contract expired. The Rock will have to fight off many who followed CM Punk though, it won’t be hard for him to do though as he is one of the most powerful wrestlers known to man. He has incredible talent that dominates the ring and it’s for that very reason that Vince McMan continues to invite Dwayne back to the WWE.

John Cena won’t be facing off against the rock this time around, instead they will more than likely be working together in order to better the WWE.