The Rock Comments on Hogan’s Remarks

The Rock, now more commonly known as Dwayne Johnson has commented on Hulk Hogan’s racist remarks made in a 2012 sex tape. This remarks have cost The Hulk his career with the WWE and has also lost him a large variety of contracts with products he promoted.

The Rock

The amount of hatred that has been coming Mr. Hogan’s way is far too much, many wrestlers those who are even black have stated that he is not racist and that his comments were made in the heat of the moment. Often while having sex dirty words as used by many people, this is why dozens upon dozens of wrestlers have spoken up to protect Mr. Hogan. Some have even gone as far as to make foul remarks about the WWE, the very company that they work for.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did make remarks regarding his previous co-star in the WWE. The statement essentially said that Mr. Johnson is disappointed in the Hulk but he has never known him to be a racist at all nor seen evidence to suggest as much. Mr. Johnson’s father and uncle are also of a darker skin tone than Hulk Hogan. He also noted that we’ve all talked trash before and we’ve all had to pay the price.

Mr. Hogan is receiving a large amount of support from people all around Northern America as well as he is having back up from fellow wrestlers. It’s suspected that once this all blows over Mr. Hogan will be given a new contract with the WWE as everyone loves an underdog to return with a fierce blow.