Stephen Amell Fights Stardust

Stephen Amell, the now famous actor behind the television series “Arrow” attended Summer Slam this year. Due to his appearance this Summer Slam was the most purchased and viewed for the last five years. Mr. Amell had to fight off against Stardust, a rivalry that began a few months ago after Stardust started to rip apart the actor, stating that he could never do what he does on the show.

Stephen Amell

This caused for Stephen Amell to attend a WWE Raw Event a few weeks ago where he was slapped by Stardust, afterwards Amell jumped into the ring and tackled him to the ground. This rivalry only continued until Summer Slam where Mr. Amell attended the event as the Green Arrow himself. The result was a tag team match up that Stardust lost after Stephen Amell jumped off the top of the ring, landing on both Stardust and his fellow team mate.

Stephen Amell for those who don’t know is a previous College Football Athlete, he has acted in various films and television shows as well. All stunts preformed on the show “Arrow” is performed by Stephen Amell himself. This requires him to do a “Superhero Workout” which a mix of extreme parkour and physical workouts. None the less Mr. Amell has once again proven that he is not just an actor but a general all around bad ass. The new season of Arrow will begin to air at the end of September, it’ll be the fourth season in the series.