Reasons why not to coach your children

The majority of parents who have children should not be aloud to coach their children in the art of wrestling. Wrestling is a sport that is extremely rough and can cause a lot of trouble if the parents are the child’s coach. The reason for this is because the majority of parents are either to strict on their children or they are to forgiving of their child. In the long run this will either make your children resent you in a very short period of time or it will either make your children get hurt in the ring. It will depend on how you train your children but the end result will still be negative no matter more.

 Spend Time with your kids but not as a coach:


When you spend the majority of your time coaching your children instead of actually being their parents this could end up confusing the children on what role you actually play within their lives. This is something you clearly do not want to happen with your children because down the road when they are teenagers or adults they will resent you greatly. The only thing the two of you will ever have in common will be wrestling which means the relationship will be so thin and bare with what you can do with it, how you can relate with one another by the time that you are gone in this world your children won’t shed a tear. This is every parents worse nightmare and it all begins with you training your children as a coach, regardless of the sport this is something that could happen.

There are two different ways that you could train your children and both ways lead to the inevitable destruction of your relationship with your children. The first way that parents will coach their children is by being far too strict with them. The parents will push their children to such lengths that the child will feel as if you are a drill sergeant in the army. The second way that parents train their children is by being too easy or forgiving of them. This is actually the worse way to ever train a child because when they step onto the matt they will just get the match handed to them on a silver platter. Your child will be weak and it will cause for them to be embarrassed, beaten up and broken. These reasons should be more than enough to convince you that you shouldn’t coach your children.

We hope that if you were thinking about coaching your child or already in the process of doing so that this article convinced you to do otherwise. We cannot stress enough that coaching your children is the worst thing you ever could do as parents. You will cause so many different problems for your child that it is inevitable that your child will resent you, try to replace you or just straight up despise you for everything that you are. So please do not coach your children, we know that you don’t want to see them go down this path so don’t let it happen.