RAW Showing Lowest Ratings Yet

RAW, the flagship show for the WWE has now officially seen its lowest ratings in its history. The decline of the WWE’s popularity isn’t anything we haven’t heard about before but it appears that RAW & the WWE are at their lowest point ever. This could mean the end of one of the world’s longest standing weekly episodic shows.


Unfortunately in a world where realism is something everyone wants to see, the WWE can’t do well anymore as it acts as a male soap opera. The outrageous story lines involving these wrestlers are too much for the viewers to handle anymore. This has caused for the WWE to make their story lines more centered but in doing that the fake effects & combat of this form of wrestling come to light in a manner of seconds. The UFC has taken over true combat & for the WWE to do the same thing it’d destroy them.
Unfortunately Vince McMann is more than likely sitting at his desk awaiting for the day when he hears that the companies gone bankrupt.

Even though the stands are filled every night, the amount of views they get weekly is so low that promoters & advertisers are considering opting out of their contract early. If this happens then the what was once the most popular form of wrestling will become a thing of the past. Hopefully this isn’t the case and the WWE are able to recover from their downfalls. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to do so though.