Police in Malaysia makes arrests in illegal Internet Gambling Ring

Malaysian police are continuing in their efforts to put a stop to illegal gambling operations with the arrest of twenty-four suspects for operating an illegal internet betting operation. The arrests were carried out in the region of Labuan.

During the arrest police confiscated almost 80 computer along with various other evidence and cash. This evidence will be used to prosecute those arrested. As a result of the arrests the police will be ensuring that those sites will be taken down to avoid additional criminal activity.

Supt. Adzhar Othman, the spokesman for the Malaysian police commented by saying “The Police in Labuan will place illegal gambling operations a priority in their efforts to show the criminal element that this type of activity will not be accepted. It is imperative that the public help us in our mandate and share information they may have on any illegal operations they are aware of”

It is unknown when the suspects will face trial or their current status before the courts.