Master the art of a take down

Take downs are the guns of wrestling. You land yourself a takedown and the match is over. That is it and you have one of the match, if you can master the art of take downs you are ensured to be one of the top wrestlers within the world. In the world we live in today wrestling focuses more on the takedowns in the traditional folk style wrestling instead of anything else. Even junior high school students are working hard to master the craft of takedowns because they realize how important it is the master the extremely difficult art.

Example of a take down:

Let me give you an example as to what a great takedown would be within wrestling. So wrestler a takes on wrestler B, he completes four different take downs in one period. The score let’s say is now 8-4. On the second period wrestler B decides to choose top and he takes down wrestler A onto his back but doesn’t complete the pin down. The score would not be 8-7 making the game still in wrestler A’s advantage. On the third period, wrestler A once again takes down wrestler B four different times. The final score would be 16 to 11.

Teach yourself how to execute a take down:

The first thing that you will need to do is teach yourself three different takedowns that you love. I cannot tell you what those moves will be because every single wrestler is different in how they wrestle. Once you have found the three moves you have loved you must train yourself to master those three moves the very best that you possibly can. This will allow you to master a certain set of skills that can make the difference between winning a match or losing a match. After you have mastered the three new moves you will want to teach yourself three other moves that you will love. After you have mastered these six moves you will find yourself winning the majority of matches you have in a tournament.

Wrestling Take Down

The difference between a wrestler who is simply okay and a wrestler who is a professional is takedowns. They allow for you to take down your opponent in a matter of five to six moves. This is what every single wrestler strives to create for themselves. Only a few wrestlers can truly master six different takedowns and be able to use those takedowns to their full effectiveness. If you have the motivation and spend the time though you will have honed yourself a skill that not many other people around the world actually have. This will make you an elite wrestler and one day it will bring you to the big leagues where you will become a professional wrestler.

We hope that this article has convinced you how important a takedown really is. The takedown can make or break your wrestling career and that is why we so highly recommend that you spend every moment training to master yourself these takedowns. You might just find yourself becoming the world’s next greatest wrestler.