Maintaining Weight before a tournament

Wrestling tournaments can last anywhere from one day to a full week depending on how serious of a wrestler you actually are. When you are this serious of a wrestler the most important thing for you will be keeping your weight at an even level throughout the whole tournament. This can be an extremely difficult thing for you to do because while you are on the road at a tournament there are concession stands, fast food places and so much more all over the place. Everything can be very tempting and this isn’t a good thing.

A lot of wrestlers fall deep into the love of food and sometimes will lose the weight that they have been working so hard to keep. What this means in the long run is that you won’t be able to wrestle in the tournament because you will be out of your weight zone. This defeats the whole purpose of going to the tournament and competing in the first place. The best thing that you can do in that position is either have a diet plan or bring your own healthy food. The reason behind this is because while you are on a diet plan you are fully aware of what you need to eat, when you need to eat it and the effects that it shall have on your body. Depending on what type of wrestler you are this can contain of nothing but healthy food or it contain of nothing but fatty food. It all depends on what weight division you are in. Regardless if you are meant to eat fatty food, the fatty food your supposed to eat is the fatty food you have to bring with you. The concession stands won’t provide you with the fatty foods you need in order to sustain your weight.

wrestling tournament

Energy is the most important thing that you will need to have the second you step onto that matt. If you do not have a lot of energy then you can basically can consider that match a complete and utter loss. This is why you should make sure you eat foods with lots of sugar or protein within them. This will allow you to be jam packed full of energy which means the other wrestler will have a serious match in front of his face waiting for him.

On the first day you should eat anywhere from six to ten times a day. This is the best option for you on the first day of the tournament and the reason for this is because it will have your bodies system running at top performance. Everything inside of your body will be running like a brand new car hot off of the factory line. This will allow for you to perform at your maximum level which means that you will more than likely win the majority of the matches you have that day.

When you follow all of these steps we can ensure you that your improvements in your wrestling will be night and day. So take our advice and become the best wrestler you can be.