John Cena Returns to Training

John Cena, the most notable professional wrestler in the WWE is already back in the gym training for his next match up. This is shocking to say the least as it was only January 7th, 2016 that Mr. Cena had shoulder surgery. Seeing him back in the gym, lifting weights in only nineteen days is impressive to say the least.

John Cena

Mr. Cena is notably famous for recovering from injuries in a fast period of time. He’s always been able to push himself beyond the limits of all his other co-workers which is why he stands as an elite wrestler like the Rock, Hulk Hogan or Macho Man Randy Savage. Everyone suspects that he will now be able to make it back for WrestleMania & Summer Slam which would allow for him to once again show he’s a warrior which cannot be defeated.

John for his age should have a recovery time of six months so it could be that he was just in the gym lifting some light weights and doing some light cardio. It’s ironic that he’d already be in the gym as his shoulder injury is testified to have only worsened due to his intense daily workouts. John Cena completes Olympic styled work outs when he’s not injured on a daily basis, apparently he works out harder than the Rock ever did.

So it’ll be interesting to see where this famed star is at in the upcoming months & if he will be able to defend his title in WrestleMania. Everyone will find out soon enough.