How to help in a non-winning situation

wrestlingEveryone wants to win. It is a natural human emotion that we all have and carry with us. The emotion isn’t a bad thing as it drives us to do good things as human beings. It drives us to become stronger are human, to learn from our selfish behavior and make ourselves true men or woman. We all know though that we can’t always win and that there are moments where we shall lose. These moments are discouraging and can lead us to depression issues or potentially even worse. There are ways to help yourself, your children, your friends and more when a losing situation comes about.

When you lose or someone close to you loses do not take the loss as a negative. Turn that negative into a positive, use the emotions that you burden and harness them so that next time you wrestle you will be able to hone that anger and use it to your advantage. This is by far the very best thing you can do when you’re dealing with a non-winning situation. It will allow you to regain yourself or it will allow for your friends, family to truly defeat anything in their way. This doesn’t just apply to wrestling but everything that has to do in life. Millions and millions of people throughout the thousands of years the human race has been alive have continued to use the anger that they got from losing and use it to their advantage.

When you lose depending on the situation you will feel a sense of remorse that you didn’t think was possible to feel. When this remorse starts to come about just sit back and relax, realize that what has happened to you isn’t your fault. Losing can sometimes be out of someone control which could end up causing serious emotional stress. So for instance let’s say you are in the ring wrestling and in the process you trip due to sweat on the ground or anything random, you trip and break your ankle. Due to this you have lost the match and can no longer wrestle until the broken ankle finally heals itself. This is something that you should realize wasn’t your fault. You did lose but it wasn’t on your terms which means that what has happened isn’t even remotely close to your fault and that you can redeem yourself on a later date.

Our view on this subject:

We have written this article because we know what it feels like to lose in many different situations. The world we live in today has been built to make people lose but we have to stand together, protect one another and be strong. This way we will be able to redeem ourselves from the losses we have had to endure, rather it be wrestling related or life related. This way those who try to make others lose will no longer be able to have their glory, we will be able to make them lose. We also hope that the tips we have given you help you in the next situation where you lose, we hope that it one day allows you to win.