First Jackpot Triggered In New Jersey

One very lucky online punter became the first jackpot winner within the state of New Jersey. This lucky online punter was able to trigger a massive jackpot worth $153,683.75 while playing the video slot “Going Nuts”. This player triggered the jackpot while playing at the Borgata Online Casino.

Going Nuts is a 5 reel, 30 payline video slot designed around cartoon like squirrels. When you first load the game screen for going nuts you’ll notice that the background around the reels consists of a large oak tree and overgrown plants. Reels on the other hand consist of poker symbols, squirrels, foxes and much more.

This jackpot was triggered by a 29 year old online punter while he was visiting his parents in the garden state. This punter didn’t want his name to be released but he did say in confidence that he never expected this win and that he was only playing for fun. He triggered the jackpot on a $1.50 bet.

The player was interviewed before he parted ways with his money and he said, “I was in complete shock, I had no idea that I was going to win money when I visited my parents. I was only playing this game for fun as I was bored. When I did win I just kept on staring at the screen in owe. I’ve been to the Borgata land based casino to play Blackjack and Poker with my buddies when I turned 21. I always loved the experience I gained from land based gambling and due to this jackpot win I’ll be returning to Atlantic City very soon.”