Elder Scrolls Online Subscription Fee Removed

Elder Scrolls Online, a large Multiplayer Online game which is designed to resemble the world of Elder Scrolls with a touch of World of Warcraft within its gameplay. The combination of these two things allowed for Elder Scrolls Online to become vastly popular amongst MMO gamers and it now stands as one of the most played MMO’s to date, nearly defeating World of Warcraft within its first year.

When this game was first revealed Zenimax Studios, the company behind this MMO announced that the game would be free to play but players were found with disappointment after Zenimax Studios revealed later on that this MMO would require a subscription fee in order to play it. The reason for this is because Zenimax Studios had to turn a profit on this game or else they could potentially go bankrupt.

Today Zenimax Studios revealed that Elder Scrolls Online would become free to play at the end of May. This came as a shock to Elder Scrolls Online players as they thought they’d always be required to pay the subscription fee. Zenimax hopes that with this announcement the game can become that much more popular, Zenimax also noted that they will be adding a Micro Transactions Store to the MMO. This means players will be able to purchase certain weapons or armor in order to better their character, this is how Zenimax will now turn a profit on the MMO.

You can purchase Elder Scrolls Online at your local electronics store.