Dolph Ziggler Retiring in Two Years

Dolph Ziggler, a professional wrestling who has had his sports of popularity has announced on just how much longer he shall be wrestling in the WWE. During a Twitter Q&A Mr. Ziggler was asked as to how much longer he plans on wrestling professional. Dolph noted back in a tweet that he plans to work in the industry for two more years before he takes his leave from the ring.

Dolph Ziggler

Many fans of the WWE whom have heard this news have praised it, Dolph Ziggler has been hated in the ring more than a dozen times due to story lines that portrayed the wrestler negatively. It could be that after winning his most recent belt, he feels its best time to end his career. It’s expected that on his retirement match there’ll be many who bash the star, there’ll be many who respect and honor him for all that he done in the ring as well. Dolph Ziggler is one of the longest reigning wrestler in the league and regardless of what the Cena or Orton fans thing, he will be missed by the mass majority of WWE viewers.

In other wrestling news, Chris Jericho, another professional wrestler recently has a concert in Paris only one day after the attacks. The band known as “Fozzy” had a “Moment of Loudness” to all those whom parished in the France Attacks last week. Those whom think this is disrespectful are unaware that the largest of all the attacks in France last week was at a heavy metal rock n’ roll venue.