Daniel Bryan Might Not Return

Daniel Byran, a former WWE Professional Wrestler might never return to the WWE after suffering a serious injury in the ring. Even though Mr. Byran’s lawyers & medical staff have cleared him, stating that he has the strength needed to return to the ring. Vince McMahon’s Medical Team on the other hand aren’t convinced that he’s ready to return or that he ever will be. This statement has rocked fans of this wrestler throughout the world. None the less Mr. Byran ensures his fans that he will wrestle one day again soon.

Daniel Byran

This has lead many fans to believe that he shall wrestle in rings operated by Lucha Underground, New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor. These professional wrestling leagues don’t adhere to the same level of medical respect that the WWE adheres to. This would allow for Mr. Byran to return back to the job that he loves in a short period of time.

It’s surprising that the WWE has turned into a positive role model for other sporting leagues. This company used to endorse violence, so much so that blood would be pouring from the bodies of their wrestlers onto the ring. Now WWE doesn’t allow for steroid use, it requires wrestlers to do a minimum of 80 hours’ charity work a month and do countless other things to benefit communities across Northern America. Unfortunately this also means that wrestlers whom have taken to much damage in the ring must unfortunately retire their name within the WWE.