CM Punk Won’t Return To WWE

CM Punk, a famous wrestler in the WWE has been fired from the WWE or has quit as he likes to say. The famous wrestler had been spending his last sixth months as a professional wrestler trying to destroy the WWE for everything that it’s worth, he wanted to take out everyone of their good wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Ortin. Mr. Punk even had plans to take out The Rock that the day he returned back to the WWE this summer, luckily for CM Punk he was fired as Dwayne Johnson would have taken CM Punk for a joy ride in the ring.

Cm Punk

CM Punk did take it upon himself to go to his Twitter page and thank his fans for all of their support. He also did the same thing on his Facebook saying the following, “It has been an honor to be a professional wrestler for more than a decade and I would like to thank each one of my individual fans for being there for me. I know that at times my beliefs could be hard to follow but you always did and for that I am forever grateful.”

It seems that even till the day he was fired CM Punk continued to despise the WWE. It should be noted that CM Punk was forced to lose matches at certain points in his career, that is why he took things on his own path and nearly destroyed some of the WWE’s best wrestlers in the process.