CM Punk To Return

Throughout the years in the WWE there have been many wrestlers who have “Retired” only to come back once again with a vengeance. Often the WWE will allow for a professional wrestler to take a year’s break as a “Retirement” and then return later on in order to bring more hype back to Smackdown or Raw. The latest wrestler to have this happen to is CM Punk, the man married to the beautiful AJ Lee.

Cm Punk

There have been many rumors surfacing that AJ Lee will be leaving the WWE after he lost her Summer Slam Match while her husband CM Punk will return to defend his previous titles that he has now lost. There have been many fans of CM Punk who have been awaiting his return, CM Punk is considered to be one of the best as he fights for all of the lies told by other wrestlers. He believes that John Cena and his “Believe” methods aren’t what the WWE needs, the WWE needs more blood and violence just like back in the 70’s and 80’s. Those true fans of the WWE love CM Punk for this as they want nothing more.

“When I was in Louisville, doing WWE Developmental, they sent CM Punk down to me so I could fire him. Every week I would send memos to guys who were in charge of the Raw and Smackdown rosters saying, ‘You have a main eventer down here; someone scoop him up’ and no one would take him for a year—to the point when we launched ECW in WWE, I brought him with me because no one else on Raw and Smackdown even wanted him,” Paul Heyman, one of the big bosses at the WWE said.