CM Punk Starts Fight with Cancer Charity

CM Punk, a famous former professional wrestler and current mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC is under a bit of controversy by stating something that has been pointed out by many famous celebrities. Mr. Punk stated that if you’re going to give money to a company that claims their raising money for cancer, it’s best to do some research on that company first. He then noted that Komen is a scam.

CM Punk

This is somewhat surprising as during his WWE Career, Mr. Punk represented the Komen brand under the WWE. Now that he is his own free man he is now stating otherwise, that Komen uses the funds they generate towards their own interests and a small portion towards actual cancer research. Many famous celebrities who once endorsed a charity have come out and stated that they charities are a gip, that the money they bring in is wrongfully used.

There have been a few celebrities who have backed up CM Punk. This man has come a long way from his WWE Career where he was hated due to the character that the WWE forced him to play. He is now one of the hardest working UFC Fighters in the gym. He works out/trains a total of three times every day for five days in a row. On the weekends he will train once a train and work out once a day.

Multiple UFC Fighters who once bashed this star from joining this fighting league are now encouraging him to move onwards, to become more popular and powerful in the ring.