Churchill Downs estimates 50 new jobs with internet betting

Churchill Downs, based in Kentucky, is expecting that it will see the addition of fifty new positions becoming available as it begins to manage the online side of its operations. This is being reports by the Courier-Journal newspaper.

Churchill Downs shall be adding the new employees due to a $1,000,000 incentive that will allow it to hire the new employees and to have its operations expanded. Most of those being hired will fall into the IT category and receive remuneration of more than $3200 per week. Those positions will be carried over depending on how things go within the political arenas relating to gambling online.

At this point in time Churchill Downs offers extensive betting for horse racing as this is not covered under the laws making it illegal. They recently also gained a licensed within Nevada to operate an online poker site that was purchased the previous month. How they perform in this new emerging market will be one to watch and it is expected that they will follow into the New Jersey market and other U.S emerging states as well.