Call of Duty Elite Returning

Call of Duty Elite, a service offered by Activision which would allow for COD Gamers to compete in tournaments and play for prizes was scrapped with Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Gamers were upset to say the least to see this gaming service go as it made the Call of Duty experience that much more fun. Activision revealed today that Call of Duty Elite 3.0 will come alongside Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare.


This information came to light after a spokesperson as Activision made a statement during an interview with IGN’s Greg Miller. This spokesperson said, “Call of Duty Elite will be returning with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Our competitors have created services that emulate the Elite service we created years ago. Our fans requested that we bring back the service as it would allow for them to have a better experience with any installment within the franchise. Activision has always listened to their fans which is why we are bringing the service back to the Call of Duty Franchise.”

Activision wanted to make Call of Duty more realistic through visuals, gameplay and storylines. This is why Activision brought in Sledgehammer Games to create Advanced Warfare, the experience will be completely new due to a new developer so bringing back the Elite service with Advanced Warfare makes perfect sense. It’ll bring old fans of COD back to the series while bring in new fans at the same time, this is something that every video game publisher wants to see with their new game.