Bret Hart Honoring Father

Bret Hart is a world wild legendary wrestler who wrestled in the WWE. He had so many fans that he became famous around the world but if it wasn’t for Bret’s father Stu Hart, he would never of become a professional wrestler and more than likely would have never gotten into the sport. Stu Hart is a famous Canadian from Calgary. He helped pave the way for professional wrestling in Canada and Bret Hart will be honoring his father this year at the 2014 Calgary X-Fest.

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Bret Hart

Bret Hart will be giving a custom made title championship belt to an upcoming wrestler. This championship belt represents that you have what it takes to become a professional wrestler, that you have what it takes to change up the game and that you have what it takes to honor the Hart family name. One of the people competing to get this championship belt is David Hart Smith, the grandson of Stu Hart.

David Hart said, “I hope that I can win this championship belt, not for the fact of keeping it in my family’s name but for the fact that I want to honor my grandfather. I want him to look down upon me and be proud of what I have accomplished. I know he has done so with my father and I want to continue the legacy so that my grandfather can continue to be proud of his family. Wrestling was his everything, he loved it almost as much as he loved his children. I think he’d be more than honored to see his grandson win the belt in his name.”