Betting on Professional Wrestling

Wrestling, which is defined on Wikipedia as a combat sport, has been part of all our lives at some stage, whether it was when you were a kid supporting a wrestling hero or as a teen who was amazed by the amazing strength these fighters possess. Well, all of us grow up and some of us still follow wrestling and watch the matches on Sundays. There are also many people who have taken it upon themselves to actually bet on the sport and even make a few dollars.

Many would say wrestling is unpredictable became the fights are not real and the outcome of each fight is decided before the fight even happens. Sure this plays a massive part on betting, but if you know the ins and outs of the game you should have a problem. Not long also it came out that someone was providing certain bettors with the information from behind the stage, it was never made clear who provided the info, but it as clear as some bettors won every single time a bet was placed. Sure people have luck and many have a very good idea of who will win, but to be correct consistently is a little more difficult.

Wrestling is sports entertainment and things need to be kept safe and watchable for the whole family. This is why these fights need to be faked and winners need to be decided before the fight even happens. I’m sure all of you have seen objects from outside the ring are sometimes used and it always seems like the ref was just to buy with something else when this occurs. Well that’s because it was set up that way to change the outcome of the fight without a disqualification taking place.

That’s not necessarily a barrier to wagering. Maybe it’s scripted and maybe there’s a couple people who know what’s going to happen,” Says Adam Young “But when you’re taking bets on what color the Queen’s hat will be at the Royal Wedding, some people probably know that too.” Young Also added, “It’s always trickier when it isn’t statically based. The lines can be iffy, you cannot carry out loads of research prior to placing your bets, yet it is plenty of fun, and that is the point of it.” Most would respond to this that it’s not always about the fun and that there is actual money involved with these bet, and if bettors have no statistic to based their bets on how are they expected to place any bets, but still these bets happen, with or without statistics.

Most bookies are rather careful of accepting bets for professional wrestling as it’s still new and unpredictable. Bets will be expected, but kept to a low amount, usually up to $50.00, but with online bookies it can be increased to a much greater amount. Betting on wrestling is a pastime for many who have passion for the sport. This often carries over into other aspects of their entertainment lives, one of those often includes hitting the casino and playing pokies. A recent article posted on provides Gambling Tips for Online Casinos and is worth reading. This is just one of hundreds of articles relating to gambling on that site so make time to visit and read some of the helpful articles they include.

Mr. J Kornegay, the director of sport books at the Hilton, Las Vegas said it’s a rather touchy subject. The Hilton, as with most others are not allowed to accept bets for wrestling. Nevada Gambling Control Board prohibits the bets from taking place. . “Something that is predetermined is one we cannot touch,” says Kornegay. “We must stick to the field of play and … shall we say ‘real’ sport events.”