Assassins Creed Creator To Reveal New Game

The creator behind the beloved and famous video game series “Assassins Creed” announced that he will be revealing his new game by the end of 2014. Patrice Desilets said that he is gearing up to show off his new project within the next upcoming months. Patrice noted that his new game will not go up against Assassins Creed and that he has no hatred towards Ubisoft for renewing his contract, saying that is was more or less a mutual thing.

assassins creed

Patrice Desilets first started working on Assassins Creed back in 2004, creating the first game by the end of 2007. Since then there has been an Assassins Creed game released on a yearly basis. Patrice left the company back in 2010 and since then has been working on a new game called 1666: Amsterdam, as of right now the former developer at Ubisoft is suing the company for a total of $400,000. Patrice claims that Ubisoft purposely purchased the rights to his new game from THQ Montreal in order to not lose fans and still sell a mass amount of copies of Assassins Creed on a yearly basis.

It looks that the case is in his favor and that Patrice is more than likely to win. We have not been able to receive an official comment from Patrice Desilets, he is clearly busy on working to finish off the rest of his game so that he can show it upon the world. It goes without saying that were excited for this new game.