All Slots Casino launching first UK Ad Campaign

All Slots Casino is planning on launching their first UK marketing campaign in the country. This campaign will show off happy players and affiliates who have had their lives changed due to this online casino.

New players to the casino will be able to receive thirty three Euro’s in free play money which will be shown off in the ad. The ad campaign will also show information for affiliates. This information being that if an affiliate brings a new player to the casino the affiliate will receive an Extra Bounty. This means that you’ll gain a lot more money to gamble with at the casino. This could result in your winning a life changing amount of money, so much so that you’d never have to be an affiliate again.

The president of player relations for All Slots Casino David Brickman said, “We are pleased, excited and thrilled to show off our online casino to the citizens of the UK. We know that the Ad will show the citizens the variety of things we have to offer, what they can enjoy and we also have hopes that affiliates will start bringing new players to our casino. There will be a reward for those who do.”