Age Appropriate Weight Training

Your child could be a young wrestler looking to make his way up the ladder to create himself a future career is wrestling. This is by far one of the hardest sports you can learn and a lot of things can go wrong along the way while learning how to wrestle. One of those things is the appropriate weight training for your child. When you put your child on the proper path towards perfect weight training the chances of them becoming an amazing or professional wrestler increases greatly.

In a recent article from the Mayo Clinic they spoke about how when you train your child with the proper weight training you are allowing them to gain themselves a lot of bonuses as new young athletes. Weight Training can even be a good thing for children looking to feel healthier about themselves.

What is Age Appropriate Weight Training for Wrestling:

What would you consider to be age appropriate weight training for your children. You could very well be surprised by what the results of the proper weight training is for your children.

•6-8 years old:

When your child is this young they should be more focused on using light weights with high repetition on those light weights. The main focus for your children should be exercising the proper movements for push ups, medicine balls, squats, kettles and much more. This will allow them to master regular work outs at a very young age.

•9-11 years old:

When your child is still this young you still want to focus on light weights. At this age you will be able to start using free weights with your child. This will allow them to improve their strength while also applying the same level of technique. At this age it is recommend that your children only do sets of 15. This will allow the children to improve themselves and advance onwards towards other forums of weight training. Make sure the weights are minimal because a child should never bench more than ninety percent of their body weight.

•12-13 years old:

dumbbellsWhen your child has now hit their teen years you are dealing with a whole different world. The workouts are now becoming that much more intense and rigid for your child. Even still at this age you should never let your son or daughter lift anything more than 15% of their body weight. If you do any more it can cause them some serious muscle issues within a couple of years.

•14 years and up:

When your child has hit the age of fourteen that is it. They know how to lift free weights, they know all the exercises and they know how to be a weight trainer. At this age your child can truly start to improve the amount they want to lift with no issues in the future. Just use the proper technique and you will see your once child become a strong or woman.