AGA Re-States Their Position On Online Gambling

The American Gaming Association (AGA) posted a statement in order to respond towards Sheldon Adelson, Mr. Adelson has been fighting the legalization of online gambling for years now. The AMA preached about how the US Government needs to regulate online gambling and how much good it could do for USA.

The CEO of AGA Geoff Freeman wrote a direct response stating, “Time and time again the government refuses to allow for online gambling to become legalized. The money the government could make through legal online gambling would be billions. Players in the US spent a total of three billion dollars in offshore rogue online casinos. Once online gambling becomes legal we will be able to bring our debt down, create more jobs and overall make this country better.”

He went on to say, “We support the players who go to offshore online casinos in order to gamble. We don’t believe that we should be banned from something we love because the government deems it “Unacceptable”. New members in the government keep on making the effort to make online gambling illegal and in return this will only allow for the black market to increase within the US. American consumers will continue to go to offshore online casinos and as more players tell their gambling friends about these offshore casinos the black market will become more popular.”

“Once online gambling finally becomes legal players will continue to gamble offshore’s which will result in the US Government losing a considerable amount of the money they could of made.”