Action Gaming Poker Patents Bought By IGT

International Game Technology, an US gambling giant announced that they have once again expanded their business relationship with Action Gaming. The business relationship was expanded after IGT bought all of the poker patents which was being used by Action Gaming on several different poker games online.

These new poker patents owned by IGT includes All Star Poker, Ultimate X Poker and Hyper Bonus Poker. IGT plans to create a series of new games for the poker rooms that Action Gaming once owned.
The Vice President for Game Development and Global Product Management for IGT commented on the purchasing of these patents saying, “IGT and Action Gaming have been able to enjoy a long and outstanding partnership that we are both very proud of. We have been working together for more than a year creating new casino games for video poker punters to enjoy while at the same time providing online casinos with an experience like none other through the poker games we already developed. This new agreement we have made with Action Gaming allows for us to create new world class poker content with Action Gaming. The only thing is that we will have direct ownership of these video poker games.”

Ernie Moody, The Action Gaming CEO also commented on the purchasing of these patents saying, “We are confident that IGT will be able to take these video poker games to a new level and continue to lead us for the foreseeable future. We are proud to work alongside them to create these new video poker games and we hope that our loyal fans enjoy the experience that their given.”