A Few good reasons not to coach your kids

Don’t be their supporter:

A child needs their parents to be there for them when they absolutely need it. Regardless if you have seen your children win or lose always make sure you are proud of them. When you first have a child your first priority should always be your children. When you change it up from showing them nothing but support to showing them nothing but criticism it can lead to a whole world of different issues. So don’t try to coach your kids on how they play, only show them your support and in the long run this will help your child.


There is something a lot of parents tend to not think about when their child joins a sport or something along those lines. Your child could very well not want you to coach them what so ever. When you coach a child as a parent the child might take it as criticism that they do not want. The child wont tell you that they don’t want you to coach them because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or the child is afraid you might become angry towards them. We can ensure you that if you ask your children what they want you very well could find out some things you had no idea about.

Coaching and Parenting Roles:

When you start coaching your own child you might not be able to turn off your coaching style when you get home. This is by far the biggest mistake a parent could ever make as a coach and the reason for this is because you will lose the relationship you have with your son or daughter. The children will start thinking nothing less than that their father or mother is now nothing more than someone who tells them what to do with no questions asked. This could lead to some serious issues with the children and it could end up destroying your family in the future. Every child needs those moments with their parents where they are able to enjoy family friendly moments where everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. You should always have balance within your life of coaching and parenting.

You Might Burn Your Child Out:

You very well could burn out your child while trying to coach your parents on whatever it is you are trying to coach them. Take it from someone who knows, if you are constantly yelling or nagging at your children you will create a monopoly effect that will destroy every connection you have with your child and it will lead your child down a dark path that trust me you don’t want them to take. Every child want their parents to be a part of their sports but those children also want their parents to be exactly that, their parents. You should always make a mention of taking quality time and spending it with your child. Take them out for ice cream, the movies or wherever you think is best. Just make sure that you even out the coaching life and the parenting life. If you can do this then your family life with your young child will always be perfect.